Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flyng Egrets, Lost and Found and a Kayak hero Sept 19 2010

A few more photos of the egrets

Brian my hero - today Carol and I decided to go and watch the egrets in the afternoon. We arrived to see 10 egrets in the water plus great blue herons and more.
As we walked up the boardwalk I must have rubbed my eye because my glasses went flying in the air and landed in the water - oh my goodness - first I can't see anything with out my glasses and this is a marsh. HELP. Carol and I looked at each and didn't know what to say. Carol stayed at the location where my glasses fell (we couldn't see them) and I went looking for a net or something. A kind gentleman lent me his net but Alas a kayak was coming. I waved to the fellow in the kayak and told Brian what had happened and he quickly paddled over to the location (Carol was also waving to him) and within seconds he found my glasses and handed them back to me. Thank goodness. Thank you kind sir.

Lots of great hawks at the watch today - most very high. A few of my favourites from today. Also Hummingbirds at the park and migrant hummingbirds at home.
Hummingbirds in the Rosetta Gardens

Adult Osprey

Adult Cooper Hawk - notice the red eyes

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