Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby and Adults Swans and Common Terns July 30, 2010

Feeding sequence

Janice and I took a look around in the afternoon at a couple of places in the Whitby area. After 3 hours we were giving up when I saw the cygnats by the boardwalk.
Away we went to see them. On arrival we were fortunate to see a juv common tern and both adults. The male sat on the handrail preening himself and the female was diving for food for the younster. Then the swans arrived both adults and 3 young cygnats. They made a sneezy sort of sound as they dipped in the water for food.
Feeding Frenzy

Female fishing for food

Male grooming himself

Baby screaming for food

Swans and cygnats

Male wood duck

Check out Janice blog for a more detailed outline of this day. She is a story teller and her photos are amazing. Enjoy.

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  1. Great action pics, Ann, especially the flight shots, and the contortionist male Tern w his head upside down! Looks like we did our Blogs almost simultaneously, too, what a special treat of an afternoon!