Sunday, April 11, 2010

Juried Show at Framing Dames - April 10, 20101

It was a very nice evening at Framing Dames. The judge was Jo-Anne McArthur, who is a well know photographer. The results are in and I must say that Chris and I did extremely well. There were 6 categories and I entered 3 of them. The exhibit will be up till the end of the month. It is here in Scarborough. Framing Dames

1st place - Nest Builder - Open Category
Scarborough Civic Centre female building nest

2nd place - Lunch - Open Category
Barred Owl having a snake for lunch

2nd place - Cole - Faces
Cole playing with the water hose in the back yard

Honourable mention - Bluffers Fox - Into the wild
Fox on the bluffs.


  1. Fantastic!!! Congratulations!! Your work is amazing so I am not at all surprised!!!

  2. Gorgeous, thank you for sharing your gift with many...

  3. Congrats, Ann, you totally deserve!!