Saturday, April 24, 2010

Backyard Birding April 24, 2010

This afternoon Carol and I sat basking in the sun and doing some birdwatching. It was like being at the hawk watch at Rosetta Park. It appeared that we were on the migration route today as many Turkey Vultures, Red Tailed Hawk, Cooper Hawks flew over the house. Some were at the same level as the roof top. Other wonderful birds were cardinals, hermit thrush, downy woodpecker, goldfinches, red winged blackbirds, robins, blue jays, tree swallow and doves. All in the comfort of home sweet home.
Rory was very happy to have us there - spent all his time kissing Carol.

House Sparrow


Red-Tailed hawk over my house

Canada Goose on eggs

Carol and Rory best buds

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