Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowy Owl - Male pure white oh my Dec 13, 2009

Decided to try one more time to find the snowy owl. Well I had success. I was driving down the road and a man had stopped and was looking aroun so I asked him "have you seen the owl" and he says "its right above your head" did I move fast.
These are not great shots as it was rain/snow and totally cloudy. I decided to put the talon shot up as it was all I could get when he decided to go. Thank you to the gentleman for showing me the owl. Enjoy


  1. Very nice, Ann! This one isn't barred at all, must be an adult. Love the shot at the end with the cute (yet lethal) talons!

  2. thanks Lee this is a male adult. Very very pretty and yes those talons were something.