Thursday, December 31, 2009

6 Barred Owls, Deer, Hawk, and more Dec 30, 2009

Karen and I went to Prequille Park on Wed. It was a beautiful clear day, sun shinning and only -10 lol. It didn't feel that cold thank goodness. When we arrived we saw the most beautiful red tail hawk. Took lots of photos. Then we did the loop with Alan and Natalie and between all of them we saw 6 barred owls. When you look a the photos you will think it is the same one over and over. I believe the first 4 were male (quite small) and the last 2 (female - bigger + lighter) Just beautiful. Other highlights ruffled grouse on top of a tree(record shot), red breasted grosbeak, and 3 deer. On the way home saw a fox and long eared owl. I may change the photo but wanted to put a couple up. Also note the one barred I did not get any shots.

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