Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Phainopepla Dec 2, 2009 (Double click to enlarge photos)

What a wonderful rare sighting of the Phainopepla. Doug L from the raptor watch at Cranberry said it looks like a black cardinal with red eyes and yes it does. Carol and I drove out this morning to Brampton and were just about to give up when we heard someone say it is at 92 Aberdeen. Jumped in the car and there it was in the tree beside us. Got some shots (not close) but had a nice look at the bird. What I found amazing was the flight of the bird. Fast, Lovely wing colour and just Beautiful. I felt like I was on Hall's Road as many regulars were also there to see the Phainopepla

The neighbourhood that has the Phainopepla are so nice and were helpful in trying to find the bird. I have never received such a wonderful welcome. Thank you Dian.

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