Saturday, February 21, 2015

Harris Hawks pair at The Avian Reconditioning Centre Florida 2015

What a beautiful hawk. We were so excited to visit The Avian Reconditioning Centre.  Our photo shoot is a way they do fundraising to help with the rehabilitation of injured birds. 

We were so lucky that they brought out the pair of Harris Hawks Astro and Dino. 

They flew together and chased after the food.

Such amazing colours on this hawk.  

Look at that eye

One of the hawks was about to go and grab at food in the air. 
wow what a sight

has food and goes down to the ground to eat it.

Nothing like having a hawk or two fly around you.  Janet loved it. Thank you Scott for working with us.

check out the strength of the legs

Donna look up.  

An amazing day with Carol at the centre.  Thanks you for the best two hour ever.  Up close and personal with these birds.  Going to Florida - visit this location.  

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