Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Black Vulture Captive in Florida 2015

We had an amazing day with The Avian Reconditioning Centre (ARC) with Carol and Scott McCorkle
ARC is a very special place that is licensed to help birds of prey rehabilitation and education centre in Apopka, Florida

Thanks to a friend Bella we made contact with ARC and set up a 2 hour photo shoot.  This is one of the ways they do their fundraising.  Plus the photographer get to see these special birds up close and person. Highly recommend this. 

Meet Vincent Priceless an Immature Black Vulture.
Black Vultures do not hunt and kill prey they instead search for carrion which are animals already dead.
They  play an indispensable role in preventing the spread of disease 

Meet Carol our very special host of the photo shoot.  

She is bonded with this Black Vulture and able to rub his beak.  

Donna, Janet, Ann Carol and Vincent
what a fantastic time we had.

For more information call 407-461-1056
Photographers go prepared to be amazed.
Lots more photos of kites and hawks coming up later.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers at ARC who made this a very special day.

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