Friday, September 20, 2013

Warblers at Wye Marsh - Common Yellowthroat, Palm Warbler and more Sept 2013

While doing a owl release up in Midland I popped in to Wye Marsh. A lot of warbler activity. In order of photos: Western Palm Warbler Black Throated Green Common Yellowthroat - both male and female Magnolia Warbler Yellow Rumped Warbler Wilson Warbler Thank you Charlotte for help with IDing the warblers.


  1. I'm impressed. You've had a great time blogging today, and had all these pictures to share. Must have been some good vacation time.

  2. In your newsletter, in the Mink section of pictures, in the second picture, there is an unbelievable change from the first to the second photograph...
    Is that because there was a wave with spray? Did you change your exposure?
    The rocks seem to have become fluid in the second photograph...In the first they are solid...
    I have been playing with something called FDRTools, a free application that helps you take say three photographs set at the same direction but with different exposures into one photograph...
    So you can put your camera on a tripod, set one photo to a bright exposure, take a second at a foggy day exposure, then take a third photo at a dark day exposure...Load them into this app, & it combines the three into one photo...So you get a dynamic range photo...Like you get more detail in stuff that may be blurry in a dark exposure because you have layered the other exposure photos...Anyway it is neat & lots of fun to try...
    I think the Mink photos are like amazing...The liquid rocks...The spray of the water...The leap...That is so rare to catch...What a special creature that needs more love!
    Sari Grove

    1. Sari would love to know about technique.
      And yes a wave hit the mink and he did a huge shake.
      It was cool experience.