Friday, September 20, 2013

Barred owl released back into the wild - north of Midland Sept 18, 2013

Thanks to Lori who found the owl on the side the road and made the call for help back in the spring. Thanks to The Owl Foundation Annick and Stacy for the wonderful rehab work a Barred Owl was released back where she was found. It was a beautiful evening with friend Pam Higgins, Lori Dubeau, her husband, sister and brother we released the large female Barred Owl into the woods. The first set of shots were taken by Pam Higgins (70-200 F2.8) as it was fairly dark in the woods. She captured the opening of the box to the owl flying away. Wow great work Pam. The next shots are mine as the owl went from branch to branch exploring its area. I used my 400mm F5.6 with high ISO.
This was one of the best owl releases I have ever done. The owl was in no rush to leave but able to fly and wander around. In the spring Lori told me the owls eye was closed and he was not able to move very well. They believe he was hit by a car. She took him home and put him in the heated garage till they could get help in the morning. The Owl Foundation took care the next steps. Thank you to all - Another Barred Owl free. As you can see - the owl has totally recovered from the injury.