Saturday, June 1, 2013

Common Loon rescue by Toronto Wildlife Centre May 2013

I received a call from Andrew, head rescue staff at Toronto Wildlife Centre saying a loon was in a small creek in Unionville(with no change of getting free - loons require a long take off in order to fly) and would I be able to help. YES. There were 4 of us. Andrew and Sara put a backup net at the end of the creek just in case the loon went the opposite way they wanted. Max, Andrew and Sara had the nets and were in the water. Andrew guided the loon towards us and with amazing skill captured the loon. It was taken to TWC for a checkup, all good so they took the loon and released him asap into the lake. Great work by rescue staff. Every time I am out with TWC I am amazing by the skill the rescue staff have. Andrew is so amazing. Every rescue is planned, organized and implemented. Always with the animal or bird safety in mind. A rescue I will not forget. Thank for you allowing me to help.

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