Saturday, June 1, 2013

Barred Owl release with Carol Lapointe May 2013

Sometimes things just happen and they work perfectly. Christina Taylor a volunteer at another wildlife centre by Kanata was dropping off owls at The Owl Foundation. She agree to drive the Barred Owl I was releasing and meet me in Scarborough. We met at the McDonalds and the owl was transferred to my car. Thank you so much Christina. Carol came with me to do the release. This was Carols first release of the owl. Two other people were able to enjoy the release with us. The owl flew right out of the box and deep in the woods. Safe and a second chance for the Barred Owl. Every time I am honoured to let an owl go free it is special. I am so lucky to be allowed to do this and I know it is a true privilege. Thank you Chris for introducing me to both the Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation. Fly free

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