Monday, January 7, 2013

Bald EAgle Nest torn down in Ontario

Bald Eagle Nest - Active nest - distroyed with our ministry approval. I very seldom put this type of information on my blog. I like to stay positive on the blog. But yesterday I was disgusted with what I heard, read and then saw. Bald Eagle Nest gone. No warning. Just cut down. In a town about 2 hours from me I have watched bald eagles flying all winter and also sitting by the nest they built. On Jan 4, 2013 the Ministry of Natural Resourses (who supposely cares about endangered and threatened animals and birds) gave a permit to remove a active nest to the wind turbine folks. This permit was released at the end of business day Jan 4, 2013. The next morning early Jan 5, 2013 the nest was torn down and the tree cut down. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Yes gone before anyone could do anything to save the active eagle nest. See the attached link above. The photos of the nest being torn down has now been removed off the internet. Time for people to know that Ministry Natural Resources does not care about endangered birds. This is a terrible shame and one that will not be forgotten by many people. FYI Ontario only has 50 eagle nests. The location by Nanticoke was one of the few locations that has been successful for year.
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  1. Ann, I can weave a viable eagle nest in two days...If you want one tell me & I can do it...I can deliver to either Bluffer's Park, Scarborough Arts Bluffs gallery or Agincourt Library...Email me at or answer me here if you want one...(it's made of 750 feet of Sisal rope, 3/4" or whatever size they have (Canadian Lumber centre has it in varied lengths), a monkey chain knot (a simple boat dock knot loop & pull)...I knot it on a 43 inch hula hoop...Costs me under 300 dollars or 60 dollars if I use the thinner Sisal...Free from me since I have been getting good press from my solo show right now...

  2. Thank you Sari. I am sure the eagles will be able to rebuild a new nest or at least I hope so. The question is why the nest was destroyed and allowed to be destroyed by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Thank you for your kind offer. I haven't seen you at bluffers park for a long time. Lots of swans coming in.