Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snowie Owls north of Barrie in farmers fields

First snowie of the season for me.  Look at the tuffs at the top of head.

Stunning at the end of day

50% crop and still a long ways away.
Do you see the snow buntings around owl.

Being buzzed by Northern Harrier

I was watching one owl when this one flew over top of me. 
It landed close to me on top of hydro pole

Snowie and thousands of snow buntings.  50% crop on all these shots.

The Snowy Owls as well as many owls are now arriving.  They are both hungry and need to be left alone.  On all these shots they are a 50-75% crop.  I was happy to sit on the car and watch them in the farmer fields.  The one shot I took while passing the hydro pole. 
If you see a sick or an owl that doesn't look right call the Toronto Wildlife Centre.
Don't ignore a injured animals.  Thanks Ann

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