Saturday, December 15, 2012

Re- necked Grebe - Release back to the water

another wonderful day
I received a call from Andrew (Toronto Wildlife Centre head animal rescue worker) saying her had a grebe to be released back in the water. Could I help him. YES. Having only seen grebes in the water I was surprised at how small the grebe was. The cage has a specially fitted floor. I quickly went to the lake and found a quiet place on the rocks to release the grebe. I sat on the rocks at the waters edge (so I wouldn't go head first in the water with the grebe. Put the cage in the water edge then started to open the cage door. The grebe had other ideas and that was to start attacking and biting my hand. After a few bites I just grabbed the door and opened it.
I watched the grebe run across the water. He wasted no time leaving once I got the door open. As he walked on water he was making a squeaking, hissing sound.
The grebe did a beautiful stetch of the wings and then within 2 minutes
he was gone out the channel and into Lake Ontario. What a thrill. Thank you Andrew and the Toronto Wildlife Centre. Another animal saved by the great folks at the wildlife centre The red-necked grebe is L 43-53 cm and weighs about 2 to 3.3 lbs.

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