Monday, November 26, 2012

Great Horned Owl Release - a very old girl

The Owl Foundation had a very old Great Horned Owl to release the same
day as Donna and I were doing Barred Owl releases. 
We were able to see this old girl before we left.

she was in on a talon injury

But healthy again to be released

Molt and Feathers

We sure loved looking at her

The Owl Foundation has the owls in huge flight cages to make sure
they are healthy enough to go back in the wild.
But they must catch them before they can go free.

Annick is very good at this.

The Owl Foundation was so pleased to be able to release this owl.
You don't see many old ones.

Thank you to The owl Foundation for all your work.


  1. How old is old Ann? What a big beauty! Thanks again!

  2. Over 10 years old. They can live up to 25-40 years

  3. I was going to ask same question. So lovely to learn they can live that long and you were blessed to meet this girl. They may be one of the few animals that might actually get to live their full life. It's a small comfort that (I think) raptors are not in as much danger from human hands as other animals.