Saturday, November 3, 2012

Barred Owl - grooming and hunting Nov 2, 2012

The shake - look at the feathers, colours.
This is an amazing barred owl that Charlotte and I watched for a hour.
A lifer birdfor Charlotte.
The owl did not even notice us or even look at us.
This is an experience that Charlotte and I will never forget especially the
vole he captured.

Spent most of the time sleeping

Check out the talon

Awake and looking below

on the ground.
He has the vole in his talons.

Check out the size of this vole

and 3 gulps later it was gone

A couple of other shots

A joy to watch.
A wonderful experience I will probably never see again.
Luckily I brought a chair to watch this amazing owl.
On the way home Charlotte saw this handsome Red-tailed Hawk

A lifer for me.  A Greater White Fronted Goose. 
In with all the other Canada Geese but the goose has a yellow beak.

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