Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red-necked Grebe on the nest with four eggs.

The nest is in a tire at a boat marina.  Charlotte and i sat on the rocks and watched them even in the rain.  People told us that she had 3 eggs hatch and only the one baby survived.  Lets hope they all survive the second clutch.
carefully stepping around the 4 eggs

She went off the nest for no more than 2 minutes then right back
We did not see her eat the whole time we were there

Carefully sitting down

Male and Female Grebe


  1. This is a stupid question...But...Is the nest floating? Or is the water shallow there?

  2. Sari: The nest is tied to the bottom but loosely so it moves a bit. The water is not deep either but they can dive under docks to go to the lake. ann