Friday, July 13, 2012

Common Loon and Chicks July 19, 20

A long day but so worth it. Up at 3:30am on the water by 5am, watching and taking photos
of the pair of loons with two chicks.  It was so fascinating watching them take care of the babies, and feed them.  Watching the babies ride on adults back.
Wow It was simply amazing.
Over 400 shots and I haven't even looked at 50 yet.  This is a summer task so you will see more shots later in the month.

The adult sensed danger and went flat on the water.

The two chicks battled for moms back. 

The one si so tired and the other came onto the adult through the wing.

Bye bye after two days on the water I was so happy.

Is this relaxation or not. Look at those chick legs spead out.

My last look of adult and two chicks.
bye bye