Sunday, December 11, 2011

Red Fox Release Dec 6, 2011 - Toronto Wildlife Centre

Photo By Chris McConnell - Surrounded by friends and the fantastic staff and volunteers of Toronto Wildlife Centre a beautiful male red fox was released back into the wild. 2 months ago the fox was suffering from mange (see photos below). Thanks to Toronto Wildlife treatment was successful. How lucky we are to have staff like Andrew, volunteers like Chris and Janice to help take care of the wild animals in the area. Thanks to my buddies who supported us.
Photo by Janice Melandez Last treatment for mange given to fox by Andrew. Yes that is me with him.
photo by Janice Melendez
Photo by Pat and Nancy Notice the eyes are closed and the ears are in bad shape. Mange can be treated successfully.


  1. Such a great story! He is one lucky fox!

  2. We should have to thank such people who are taking best care of wild animals. This little fox was really lucky. I am thinking to make small story on this picture..
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