Friday, June 17, 2011

Violet green Swallow, Flowers and more Day five

Today was another rainy day but again we enjoyed it. The scenic tour was 7 hours long but well worth it. Saw many elk, deer and more on the road. Highlight were ospreys and 3 bald eagles (Yahoo), kestrels and red tails high in the sky.
Erle and I started the day taking a stroll by the water and there on the boat was the swallow. I took a photo and then realized it was a violet-green. Wow.

Violet-green swallow - oh yes to start the day with a lifer

Pair of Cedar Waxwing. The male was feeding the female

Erik you forgot to tell us about your new job. Nice boat

Common Merganzer

Baby Sparrow

Today we finally saw our eagles - 2 adults and one juvenile (This is for you Lee)

Flowers around the road side

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  1. Very nice collection of birds.. I really like the Cedar Waxwing shot. I got a few shots of some of these today on my walk which I'll be uploading to my blog tonight.