Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stellar Jay, Dark Eyed Juncos, and more June 18 2011

Signage for Swan Lake, Roseanne Van Ee of Outdoors Discoveries and me

A beautiful swallowtail Butterfly

Western Kingbird

One of many Great Blue Herons

Erle and I met with Roseanne and her husband Rick for breakfast. We then proceeded to go to Swan Lake which Roseanne is developing signage for. We hiked the area (which is so beautiful). Saw Savannah Sparrows, Western Kingbird, Red Winged Black Birds, Great Blue Herons and more.

We then proceeded to Silver Star Resort. Talk about an amazing view. We saw Stellar Jays, Juncos, Violet Green swallows and heard a Pileated woodpecker in the background.
Thanks again for a wonderful day and your knowledge of plants, animals and the area was amazing.
Outdoor Discoveries web site

Steller Jay

Dark Eyed Junco

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