Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eastern Coyote or a CoyWolf

Janice again was eagle eyed when she spotted this beautiful animal in the fields. I contacted my friend Marc who believes this to be a Eastern Coyote. It could possibly be a coywolf since it is not far from Algonquin. Thanks Marc. Notice the narrow nose on the mammal. I tell you it was beautiful.
From: Ron PittawayNow that genetic work has been done on Eastern Coyotes we know that they comprise a hybrid swarm that resulted from the interbreeding between Coyotes (Canis latrans) and Eastern Canadian Wolves (C.c lycaon). Lycaon was formerly considered the smallest subspecies of the Gray Wolf (C. lupus). The genetic work showed that lycaon is more closely related to Coyotes than to Gray Wolves. There are still some relatively pure lycaon in Algonquin and a protection zone has been put around the Park to protect Algonquin’s wolves. I suggest that we call them all Easter Coyotes as Coywolves, which reflects their true genetic makeup. Yours is bigger than some but almost certainly a Coywolf. This is how new species evolve.

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