Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bald Eagle, Ring Necked Duck, White Winged Scoter and more

The first bird of the day was YES an adult Bald Eagle. Janice and I went for a drive. Janice spotted the eagle and man it was sooooooooooooo big and just beautiful. Another great day with some special birds.

Ring Necked Duck - you can see the neck line - thin cooper colour around neck

A juvenile male White Winged Scoter - love the stretch

horse and buggy on the back roads

On wrong direction from me and we found a field of turkeys (I believe that Janice was also calling me names for getting lost lol) She even took the map book away from me.

A deer in the fields

A pair of courting geese

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  1. Coming across the things you don't expect, or aren't even looking for, especially when your lost, are always special. That's happened to Rob and I a time or two too. :)