Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birding Holiday on Amhurst Island and Prequille PP Jan 16 to 18, 2011

Birding/photography friend Janice and I took off for a few days of relaxation and good birding. Little did we know it would be -20 to -28 the first two days and then +3 the last day. We started on Amhurst Island and stayed at a B&B called the lodge. Beautiful old century home.

Janice had a bit of trouble staying on her feet. While Murray and I navigated the fence (with no problem) Janice was making snow angels. Murray was quick to start taking photos to document the scene unfolding behind us. Well I tell you I have never laughed so hard. Tears of laughter went on for all 3 days about this fall. Janice calls it hunting like an owl. lol Great photos Murray.

Check out Janice's blog to see her explanation of this wonderful fall in the snow.

The cold weather was pretty wicked but we were dressed in our drive men wild outfits.

A photo of me feeding the chick-a-dees that Janice took.

After an amazing couple of day locating owls on the island we decided to move on to Prequille Park. Janice kept taking off to look for more owls.

More fun and laughter was had. Stayed at the beautiful Brighten Inn B&B. Great food, nice lounging area and more fun looking at our photos.
Over the next 8 posts you will see all the beautiful birds, owls, hawks, landscapes and old farms we saw. Thanks for a wonderful time Janice and I hope to see you hunting like an owl at the next outing. Again you must go to her blog to hear her side of the story.


  1. it's the ditches LOL - happens to the best of us - they fill in, we (or, I) forget...and down you go...

    great photos of a great place to live!

  2. "Drive men wild" gear? Maybe that's what scared off all the birds, too!