Monday, March 22, 2010

Canadian Peregrine Foundation -4 wonderful days March 18-21, 2010

Me and Desi (Harris Hawk- juvenile) thank you Rudy for letting to hold her.

Me and Kyla - (American Kestrel - 3 year old female)

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation is a wonderful organization. Each year at the Sportmans Show(3 years now) I get to volunteer for the Peregrine Foundation. We tell people about the hawks, owls and falcons and give inforamtion on who the Peregrine Foundation is.
Take time to visit the website and become a volunteer or sponsor the program. The rewards will fill you with joy and pride. Thanks Mark and Marion for you wonderful work.

The Canadian Peregrine foundation - Our mandate
The primary purpose of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation is to facilitate the recovery of endangered and threatened raptor species in Canada. To accomplish this, the Foundation's objectives are to:

Document the current status of the Peregrine Falcon and other endangered and threatened raptor species in Canada, contribute to and monitor the ongoing recovery efforts for these species, and make such information available to the public and, in particular, educational institutions.

Raise public awareness of the environmental issues affecting Canada's endangered and threatened species.

Provide support to projects involving the recovery, restoration, and rehabilitation of Canada's endangered and threatened raptor species.

Some photos of the hawks, eagles, owls and falcons. i will post more tomorrow.

Peregrine Falcon - Oscar at Bath Time

Great Horned Owl - Alexandra

Bald Eagle - Huxa

Eagle Owl - Bubo

Harris Hawk - Max

Rudy and Desi (Harris hawk) Falconer

Frank and Barn Owl Shamus

Atilla and Kyla

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