Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kestrels hunting for food FEb 28, 2010

Carol and I went for a drive today. Neither one of us had any energy so we just drove for 3 hours over the usual haunts. Started within 5 min of my house a nice red tail hawk flew over the car. We were really fortunate to see, at least a dozen red tail hawks, 2 kestrels hunting in the field (Carol was amazed to see them hovering right beside the car), cardinals, 2 snow geese in flight, woodpeckers - one really going at it on a tree and a few more. Highlight was driving down a back road to hear Carol yell stop the car. She was very excited and saw an owl sitting on the building. Make sure you look at Carols amazing owl.
Lighting was really bad today - pure white skies and very cold.

Hunting Kestrels

Hairy Woodpecker

Carols Owl

Red Tail Hawks - saw more than a dozen

Flight of the Snow goose (in the distance)

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  1. You were certainly blessed with terrific sightings and photographs. I'm especially impressed with Carol's unique owl... can't find that one in my field guide. ;-)

    As always, great stuff. Thanks for sharing!