Saturday, July 25, 2009

Indigo bunding, egrets, great blue herons and more July 25, 3009

Peter and I spend the day wandering from location to location today. We were very lucky as it rained when we were in the car and then stopped when we arrived at each place. A lifer for me was seeing 2 indigo bunting (a distance away but with the binoculars clear as day). Talk about beautiful colours. Peter got a few lifers at Ressors Pond - but the colour of the sky and the pond created what a call magical photos of the egrets in the water. Oh and the baby spotted sandpipers were sooooooo cute (I am sure just out of the nest). We also went to listen to the choir of green frogs at Morningside Park and then to see the cliff swallows feeding their babies at Rouge Beach park. I will post some photos now and more later. Enjoy.

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