Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birds of Prey Workshop Amazing at Wye Marsh June 29, 2009

Looking for a great day - go to Wye Marsh and take the Birds of Prey behind the scenes workshops. Carol and I were lucky to have Mike M has our falconer and he was just totally amazing. (My kids gave me this as a Xmas present and I must say it was the best $50 they every spent - they can do it again next year - hint hint) We spend the time with Mike going see all the hawks and owl and learning about each one. We got up and personal with the snowy owl, red tail hawk, eagle owl and also learned about the Turkey Vulture, Peregrine Falcons and more.
OK the highlight was flying the Barn Owl and the Harris Hawk. Be still my heart. Most of us love birds of prey but to actually have one land on your arm and look at you and eat on your arm is totally cool and then to have it happen over and over well words cannot describe it.

PS Carol learned how to use my SLR in 1 minute so I could have a couple of photos of me with the birds. Not an easy task but she did it. Thanks a million Carol.

I have tons of photos of each owl and hawk but need to change them from RAW to jpg to upload. I will upload a few at a time. Ann

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