Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hummingbirds Baltimore Orioles in my Backyard May 2, 2009

Female Baltimore oriole

male Baltimore oriole

female hummingbird

female hummingbird

cowbird looking down at me

My backyard was full of activity today. There was a male and female hummingbird who met at the feeder and were chasing one another around the window. It went on for a good hour or more. The male was in quite a tissy for a few hours afterwards. (The male I noticed is banded. I can see it on one of my photos).
The male and female orioles were calling to one another in the trees and the male has been feeding regularly on the feeder.
Did go out for a bit with Carol to Thickson Woods. Took a few photos but to be honest Carol and I did more bird watching from my back window - between the hummingbirds, finches, and orioles we were quite happy.


  1. Your photos are wonderful. I've been looking to add the Canon 400 mm /5.6 to my collection. Looks like it does wonderful things in your hands!

  2. Mother nature graced your backyard in more ways than one. Great photo's Ann!

  3. Great Photos! Sounds like it was a great birdwatching day at your place. Glad to have found your site.