Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gray Jay - Canada new bird.

The big birding news of the month has to be the new official Canadian bird: The Grey Jay, Whiskey Jack, Canada Jay. I’m not saying I would have voted for the Grey Jay, but let’s see if, when I’m done, you might find yourself thinking this truly is a bird with a Canadian heart:
Grey Jays are survivors and have been in Canada for thousands of years. The bird’s name was derived from both the Cree and Algonquin languages: Wìsakedjàk in Algonquin or Wīhsakecāhkw in Cree. They are part of the corvid family (Blue Jays, Crows and Ravens), and they are one of the smartest birds on the planet. One sign of their intelligence is their opportunistically friendly behaviour, for example if you put food on your hand, especially cranberries, they will come down immediately to take advantage of the situation. While some other popular Canadian birds, looking at you Canadian Geese, abandon us for warmer weather, the Grey Jay not only winters in Canada but can nest their eggs in -300C! Add to all of this the fact that Grey Jays are found in every province and territory and you’ve got yourself a truly Canadian bird.

Blizzard and they still come out

Fluffed up

Such a good choice for Canadian bird.


  1. So do I. Imagine sitting on a nest at-30

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