Monday, March 21, 2016

Peregrine Falcon Nest March 21, 2016

The peregrine nest of Quest and Skye

I arrive at nest to see Skye screaming at the turkey vulture.  He was off the nest box and quickly escorted him out. 

Once encounter was over Skye was back on the nest ledge


Quest was on the top of the building. It was amazing to watch her moving around in the wind.  And yes this is a poop shot . Great colour.
Quest takes to the air and quickly heads back to the nest box. 

What a beautiful bird

Meanwhile on the nest ledge Skye enjoys the sun.

Quest was so fast and directly in the nest box.  Skye decides it is time to go.

He just steps off the ledge and is gone.  Love the shadow.

This is hard to see but you can see a outline of Quests head and tail as she is laying down on nest.

Skye takes off around the building and towards the 401.

15 minutes of amazing peregrine watching.


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