Sunday, May 31, 2015

Carden Alvar birds May 2015

A thrill of an American Bittern fly by.
A wonderful day with MC and Glenda at Carden.
We met some amazing people up there who willingly shared their scope with us so we could see the distant birds.

First sighting of bittern.  It was a long long ways away.

Barn Swallow


Brown Thrashers all over the place

Common Yellowthroat

One day I will see one up close

Eastern Phoebe with food for her babies.

Blue birds Female

A family of geese in pond

Grasshopper Sparrow.  What a thrill to see one up close.

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Not a great shot but the Kingbird is showing his red on the crest of his head.

Two kingbirds in battle.  A third joined in.

Redwinged Blackbird

Savannah Sparrow

Tree Swallow

Yellow warbler.
Just a sampling of some of the birds that we saw.
Hopefully MC will send a full list of all the birds.  

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