Saturday, August 16, 2014

American Kestrel vs the Merlin - August 16, 2014

Arrived at the park for the hawk watch.  No one was there.  So I took a wander around the park.  I was enjoying listening to the catbird when 2 falcons came flying through.  I witnessed a merlin and kestrel playing together, soaring at each other, preening side by side, sitting side by side and giving each other fly by hits.  Nancy and Pat joined me but by then the action had ended.

This is a first for me to see both Merlin and Kestrel  enjoying each others company????????

landing beside merlin

fly by

look at the kestrel tail 

trying to knock off merlin 

gonna get you 

Merlin stretching

take off after the kestrel

Look a the tilt to the merlins head

Tired  - sat beside each other for a good fifteen minutes.  Then away the kestrel flew.


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  2. they seemed to be both juveniles .checking each other out