Thursday, March 6, 2014

Great Horned Owl nest with owlettes Florida 2014

What a wonderful surprise seeing two Great Horned Owl nests. 
While watching the eagle nest on Cape Coral the lady who lives on the street told us the owl nest was close by.  Close by is right. We saw mom and two owlettes (one had branched). 

Mom and two owlettes.  The one owlette is beside mom on the branch. Second one in the nest.

Big yawn

Second nest was in Fort Desoto Park.  We were told about it by our guide Kathryn while out looking for burrowing owls.  The owlettes are 30 days old and while there the male came in. What I liked the best was there was a red fence around the nest appr. 50 feet away from owls. I do wish Ontario would do that.   

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Look into my eyes

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