Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ice Storm - bald eagle, nuthatch, sparrows and more on icy branches.

Juvenile Bald Eagle on a icy branch

 take off

Cardinal on snow and ice

One of three cooper hawks

 a pair of red breasted nuthatch

 sparrow on ice

This sparrow got stuck on the ice.  I watched him for over an hour then walked out to the tree and he flapped his wings but didn't move. I went back into the garage and got the broom stick as he was high in the tree. I gently tapped the bottom of the ice branch and pieces of ice broke away  and away he flew. I hope he was ok. 


  1. Very pretty images and of course how thoughtful of you to provide assistance to sparrow.

    Merry Christmas / Joyeux Noël

  2. Thank you Daniel. merry Christmas to you bothand Happy New Years.

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  4. Some very nice pictures Ann. The one of the cardinal is great!