Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coyote magic - outside of Toronto Nov 12, 2013

 I love Coyotes. 
I love watching them, taking photos of them and watching their behaviour.  Yesterday I had the most amazing sighting of a pair of coyotes. 
I will never forget their beauty and  power.
RESPECT these beautiful animals.
 The second coyote was much smaller, lighter in colour and very sweet.

 This was the first coyote I saw.  Beautiful colours. Powerful.
Just stunning.
NOTE most photos taken from my vehicle, or hiding behind tree
 so as not to disturb them. 

Do you realize that coyotes when they see people they run the other way.
If you respect them and keep your distance you will see true beauty.
Do not feed them, leave them alone.  Let them be free.


  1. What a stunning set of photo's, they are beautiful creatures. Why can't we just let them be!

  2. I agree.
    I can't believe they still kill them for their fur.
    But this was so wonderful.