Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brown Creeper Oct 19, 2013 at Rosetta

 Totally thrilled to get some photos of the Brown Creeper today just as the rain started.  They have such wonderful colours on their back.

 The Brown Creeper was preening on the tree. 


  1. On a deadline here, dear Ann, so only a few hopefully helpful comments:

    1) There are many variations of a subject on a given blog, all to the good! Possibly let each visitor have her or his ability to choose a favorite, then be directed to a page where said photo could be purchased, or at the very least to contact you therein.

    2) I'm NOT sayin' .... just sharing that on my site, I'm working with a special photo lab. The images can be printed on aluminum; steel; canvas; vinyl; assorted art papers; as well as made into individualized cell-phone case covers; tile; even adhered to furniture. If you'd like details, contact me at Darius, you know me! (ShaunDarius) .... Your images are stunning and masterful.

    ...Perhaps you would want to allow your viewers to have different ways of personalizing them...

    3). Start if you haven't already creating portfolio albums for national and even international gallery shows. There's EVERY reason for you to become known worldwide. Utilize the creme de la creme of your images!

    Much love

  2. Thanks Shaun and really good points.
    Will really look into it,
    Xx00 Ann