Monday, September 24, 2012

The Cougar and the Bear at Muskoka Wildlife Centre

Look into my eyes pretty ladies
We had a private photography session at the
Muskoka Wildlife Centre.
The cougar was one of the animals you could only view from the outside.
Check out the teeth and paws on this guy.

This cougar was very ticked when the bear came too close to his food.

Pure power

check out my teeth

When they let the bear out he came to visit us. YIKES

Eileen was treated to the bear rubbing his belly on the fence in front of her.

Muskoka Wildlife Centre
is one of the best locations for viewing Moose, Lynx, Wolves, Cougar and more.
Dale and Jody are amazing people.   Worth the trip to see them.
I have photos of many different wildlife from my visit there.  Will post more details.