Monday, August 27, 2012

The Night of the Green Herons - 12 of them calling and flying

As Janice and I arrived at the marsh we saw one green heron.
We were pleased.

Suddenly we saw green herons everywhere

at sunset arrived so did more green herons

4 in the tree across the way

more in the trees next to them.
The colour is different depending on the time
We enjoyed watching them fly, calling out.
Also to end the display we saw one common nighthawk.

The next day by the water we see another Green Heron on a log

Overall we saw 14 green herons in two days.

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  1. The spiritual meaning behind Herons:

    "You've approached the oppourtunity before you at a leisurely pace, but now it's time to grab it and go for it with gutso. By meeting this challenge situation head-on, you'll discover that you have some powerful gifts and skills that you are unaware of. Don't get stuck in any one single approach; if one way isn't working, try another. Spend a day or two with no plans or agenda for quiet reflection. Take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions."

    -Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.