Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ann and Janice taking photos - Landscapes April 20-22

 Off the deck of the Visitor Centre - Photo by Charlotte England
Feeding the Gray Jays - Photo by Charlotte England

 Skip checking out the birds
 Janice crying I wanttttttttttt a moose
 6:30am in the morning. 

The end of a perfect day at hotel.
Thanks to Janice for driving all weekend. Thanks to Skip and Charlotte for the photos.  Thanks to Justin for giving us some advice on where to look for birds, to Ron Tozer for the OFO tour and to Spring Lake for the great hotel rooms.


  1. Beautiful photo's Ann! I can relate to Janice wanting to see a mooose! LOL! Thanks for sharing.

    1. How are you Karen. I love going to Algonquin. Osprey is back at your park.

  2. Wonderful views from the A-listed park. :)