Monday, August 29, 2011

Beautiful Budgie and Night Hawks Backyard Birding

This beautiful budgie was in my back yard tonight. I see blue (yes) and think indigo bunting but no it is a budgie. Called Chris and she came over with her two budgies to see if we could sing it in. No luck yet but left a bird cage here. Thanks Chris.

Nighthawk - a pair flew over the house

A cardinal was feeding this young baby. Is it a sparrow, cowbird - not sure

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  1. We just caught a blue budgie in our backyard 2 weeks ago tomorrow! So now we have 2, the first one, we caught 4 years ago, after she survived in the yard all summer. At first we weren't going to keep the blue one, but our older one seemed to like the company, even if she doesn't want to share her cage. So, we've named the new one, and got her a new cage and our house is now up one resident.