Monday, November 29, 2010

Hawks Hawks everywhere - total of 35 of them

We saw 25 Red-Tailed Hawks both adult and juvenile. One was extremely vocal. Other highlights of the day were red bellied woodpecker, 5 northern harriers plus more for 22 species day. Leslie and I both enjoyed the backroads and the beautiful sun.

Leslie and I were shocked to see a rough legged and red tail hawk sitting in the same tree. The Rough-Legged suddenly went after the red tail.

Our first sighting was a beautiful Rough Legged hawk. Over the course of the day we saw 5 of them. Most were actively hunting. Saw both dark and light morph.

Roughlegged Hawk with pigeons (supper anyone)

Injured Canada Goose (has been reported to Toronto Wildlife Centre)

Mallard Duck on icy pond


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  1. Wow - what a great day you had. Love the raptor shots, especially the roughie going after the red-tailed hawk! Nice fence-post landscape too. Great job!