Friday, June 18, 2010

Eastern Screech Owls hunting June 18, 2010

To say today was amazing really doesn't say it all. I had a 10 minute stop at lunch. Bend down to take out my cameras in case the sun improved or something was happening. When out of the corner of my eye I see the male screech owl fly out and the sounds of birds upset. He landed on the ground with a cowbird or starling. He was mantling it on the ground. He was being attacked by robins, blue jays, woodpeckers and more. Little Red is now called Killer Red.
He flew up where the owlets were and the one owlet grabbed the food from his mouth. A blue jay and robin immediately attacked the owlet and he dropped the food. Killer red flew and retrieved the bird before it dropped to the ground. He went to another branch and the female flew in. Wings were flying as both wanted the food. Female won but the birds then started to attack her. Time is up and I had to go back to work. In 10 minutes I learned more about the owls than I have in a whole year.
By the way I was sitting on the ground the whole time. Some shots are good but who cares. This was amazing birding.

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