Sunday, September 20, 2009

Whale Watching in Quebec

Minke Whale

Female Beluga and young (Gray is the colour of a baby)

Minke Whale


Gray Seal

Groundhog on a pole

Dark Morph Snow goose

Snow Geese

Semi P Plover


My husband and I went to whale watch in Tadoussac Quebec. Had a wonderful time watching (over 20)minke whales, (15)beluga whales (+one baby beluga) and (6)porpoises. We took a day trip on the whaling boats and spend time on the Whale route watching them from shore. Also spend time at the raptor watch in a couple of locations. Great fun. Only saw one shore bird and a few snow geese (plus one dark morph). It was a wonderful trip. Hundreds of photos. Will post some more later.

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