Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Red Tail Hawks - 2 adults and 3 eyas at School today June 23,2009

Eyas on post

Eyas flying

Male Red Tail and Eyas with food

Male with mohawk with lunch

Female red tail watching over eyas

eyas - all 3 together

2 eyas on the fence


One eyas eating food - love the wing span

Went out to see visit the red tail hawks that just fledged a week ago with Jen from Innisfil. We met up with Victor and started to look for them. Victor took us to the usual haunts and then we saw one hawk up in the sky. Very quickly we heard the eyas calling. There on the schoolyard fence were 2 eyas and the male. In a tree close by was the female and in the playground the last eyas. What an amazing site - all 5 together. Mr. Mohawk had talon full of food and the eyas were crying for it.

Took some shots - Victor thanks for a wonderful morning in your area.

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